Regina - January 9, 2001 - by: Carey Heilman


For three years now Sask-Health has been presented information that will save them a tremendous amount of money, and improve the quality of life and treatment for approx. 16% of the population of Saskatchewan who suffer from chronic pain. 16% is based on stats from the rest of North America. However, we have a far higher ratio of people who are taking we could have a slightly higher number of people who suffer from chronic pain...making the treatment of chronic pain an even more important issue!



numerous meetings

There have been many presentations to all levels of government and numerous meetings and committees regarding the implementation of Multi Disciplinary Chronic Pain Clinics in Regina and Saskatoon over the last three years.



save money

Every state in the USA has at least one Multi Disciplinary Chronic Pain Clinic. Every Province, except Saskatchewan, has a Multidisciplinary Chronic Pain Clinic. It is a well established fact that these Pain Clinics save money... but more than that... they help people who are in pain.




Here in Saskatchewan Palliative Care has had an increase in usage of 20%, this 20% increase is caused by doctors referring people with non-malignant chronic pain to Palliative Care as it is the only option available for those who suffer the worst kinds of chronic pain and other reasons, such as not being well enough to get morphine pump implants or surgeries I assume.



every jurisdiction

The cost of *not* treating the people of Saskatchewan who suffer from chronic pain, is far greater than treating them properly! We know this to be true because every jurisdiction in North America has found this to be true! As well as most of the industrialized world.




Both the Regina and Saskatoon Health Districts have gone as far as they can in presenting their case for treating chronic pain to the proper authorities. The Saskatchewan Medical Association backs the Multi Disciplinary Treatment of Chronic Pain, as does the College of Physicians and Surgeons. So far the only hold back has been the will of our government to take the action to have the programs presented to them, implemented.




Pat Atkinson was asked to attend a meeting with all concerned parties and she could not attend...Judy Junor could not make it either. The ball is in both of the Health Minister's Courts (and perhaps Caucus)...they (Junor and Atkinson) are completely aware of the situation and have all the facts as well as the backing of all those concerned. The Fyke Commission can not be used as an excuse to put this issue off any longer, as we do not need any more reports or studies...the facts are well established....Why wait!



are tied

I think it is about time that our Government do something about Chronic Pain as soon as possible ...before our system is damaged any further, by politicians who may be to scared to act, and bureaucrats, who's hands are tied by the politicians!!



Multi Disciplinary

It is not like the situation is too complicated, or that there are conflicting views on the topic. It is clear everywhere in the world that the Multi Disciplinary approach to the treatment of chronic pain is effective on every level and every category.



bit of
a push

Generally speaking I hold a lot of disdain for bureaucrats and this case I believe they are all working very hard and should be applauded for their work to get a Multi Disciplinary Chronic Pain Clinic in Saskatchewan. However, I believe that our politicians need a bit of a push to get the ball rolling... We have waited long enough!!



express your opinion

If you wish to express your opinion on this matter to the Ministers of Health please do so by emailing or!



Dr. Kendall

Dr. Kendall of the College of Physicians and surgeons will be on NTR (News Talk Radio in Regina) and I assume CJME Monday morning (I believe it is at 8:45 AM) to discuss this topic further. There is no doubt that the time to act has past and any further delay only adds costs to the public and unnecessary suffering to at least 16% of the population.