A Discussion About The History

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, September 19, 2001
This project set out to be one where the story of some of the factors that lead to the attack on New York and Washington took place on September 11, 2001. The picture above shows the blue skies and fluffy fair weather clouds of yesterday because in some ways understanding things forces us to be a bit of a dreamer, we have to look out there, to the beyond and consider the possibilities.
Here is how we shall begin.

The Importance of history and the Cradle of civilization.
The area called the fertile crescent the land of the Tigris and Eurphrates rivers is where most anthropologists believe that farming with seeds got its start, this is a major break from hunting and gathering, herding or planting using cuttings as found in Southeast Asia. Making bread a staple food and being the sustaining form of life for all of Europe.
The preserving of history in written form distinguished this area as one of the planets most developed areas at one time. Successive civilizations would grow and flourish one after another over the same patch of ground and those books that we call call the Old Testament describe that time remarkably well. These same writings are the basis for Judasim, Christianity and Islam.

We who trace our roots back to Europe are directly influenced by the history of the area but because of our ancestor's lives in Northern Europe our cultures evolved remarkably different.

The Babylonian and Assirian Empires were remarkable but that of the Greek Alexander the Great stretched all the way to India. The Romans captured all of Western Europe some of North Africa, the Eastern Medditeranian including Palestine and just before the birth of Christ they won Egypt.

The Romans had problems moving Eastward and attributed that trouble to the difficult people who worshiped their one God and then invented a new religion based on the death of Jewish preacher named Jesus of Nazareth. They decided to either wipe them out or disperse them through the empire or both.

Islam developed in the Eastern Roman Empire during the 9th century and spread like a desert fire. With compelling leaders and Holy wars it was either become a Moslem or be killed. The sword of Allah would reach into Spain and North of Greece in Europe and become the religion of all from the Equator North in Africa. Though the simple religion of praying a few times a day, giving alms to the poor and journeying to Mecca seemed like simple rules the tribal culture would make its mark on the variations of sects that developed.
The collapse of the massive Ottoman Empire after WWI left a huge void filled by European colonialism. The culture of Europe and that of the Middle East are incompatible with each other. Tribal warlords gained control of the area and no progress was ever made toward democratic open societies with social justice or social legislation.
Zionism, the return of Jews to their homeland began long before the end of WWII but the horror of the "final solution" resulted in America supporting the development of the Israel state which declared itself a nation in 1948 and was entralled in almost continuous war ever since. The Jews had adopted European cultural values and are a deadly thorn in the side of every Middle Eastern person.

All of the Middle East with the exception of Israel is poor, underdeveloped and without governmental structure that will promote social equality.

The rest of the world is advancing and the Middle East, despite amazing amounts of oil revenue remains backward and hopeless.

The United States is the evil place where women are treated as equals and they are Godless people. If you think it through you begin to

the incredible and overwhelming condition your society is in and can never hope to be anything else. You as an Arab, a Palestinian an Afghan can see that you have nothing to lose and giving your life for your culture and your religion is not only something you can do but it is the only thing you can do.

So, you see, with a past that stretches back to the edge of time and no future, death and killing are completely reasonable.

Timothy W. Shire Bed. Grad. Diploma Psychology and Counselling (bachelor's major "Social Studies.")