Plaque commemorates 1920 gun fight

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, October 14, 2005

This morning this group gathered around the newly erected cairn beside the sign that welcomes people to Tisdale on highway #3 beside the airport.

Mayor Zimmer made a short speech as the press got some pictures of the event and CJVR was on hand to get a sound bite as the mayor recalled the historial event and the importance of bringing the past to life for Tisdale and its future generations.

The event that took place eighty-five years ago is chronicled on the plaque and the full text is shown at the bottom of this page.

Timothy W. Shire

Saskatchewan History & Folklore Society Inc.

Tisdale Gun Fight

On September 19, 1920 the Saskatchewan Provincial Police handled a sensational manhunt and gun battle. Four men robbed lumbermen at Barrows junction, Manitoba. They walked the Canadian Northern Railway tracks into Saskatchewan. The Manitoba Provincial Police alerted Saskatchewan Provincial Police Constable Joe Ives and two railway section men met the thieves on the tracks east of Hudson Bay Junction. After exchanging shots the thieves ran into the bush. More police ater arrived to search kilometers of track. Ives found and arrested two of the outlaws, Wasyl Braschuk and John Fashchowy in the Hamlet of Peesane.

September 21, railwayman Nick Polloway tracked footprints to a disturbed haystack 4.8 Km east of Tisdale. the police surround the 15.2 tonne haystack. during the all day shoot-out, the Saskatchewan Provincial Police pleaded with the hidden men to surrender. Finally inspector R. R. Tait ordered the stack burned. The hidden men Jerry Smule and "Tony" Kozal, died by fire or gunshot. Braschuk and Fashchowy served seven years in prison for attempted murder of Ives and carrrying offensive weapons.

Erected by the Town of Tisdale

"Gathering, preserving and promoting interest in the history and folklore of the area now know as Saskatchewan"



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