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New yearbooks web site
January 18, 2015
by: Timothy W. Shire
Over a month ago we posted an interesting excerpt from the Tisdale Hiigh School yearbook of 1945 - 46. As mentioned at the time Ken Styan had come across this book and sent us the pages that we posted in the story at the time.

The two pages gave us all a glimpse back in time as World War II had just ended and portrayed a ,much different yet familiar world to what we know today.

With the whole book in hand, it seemed like the natural thing to do and turn the whole book,
into a web site, that you can visit and even download the whole book if you would like.

It is our intent to add additional yearbooks to this site so that we can preserve and share more yearbooks like this one, with people everywhere.

I would appreciate
hearing from you as to what you might have found in this book or your reactions to posting more similar books.