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Fun - Family - Friends - Hockey!

FTLComm - Tisdale - November 30, 1998  
On Saturday night the Ramblers and Mistatim Warriors engaged one another in what is turning out for the Ramblers to be an excellent season, but our camera not only caught some of the on ice action, but it is important to see the support and participation of friends and family in this endeavour. Hockey is, when you talk to a player or one of the supporters on these pages, a way of life. The sport has traditions and a heritage that involves not only those involved now, but also those who were involved and will be involved. Though a game with incredible speed and plenty of danger, it can be played from age five until fifty-five and there are are leagues where you have to be over sixty-five to be eligible to play. Canadians appreciate the game for a wide range of reasons, many of which they can not describe, but we all seem to believe that at the heart of it, hockey is a team sport in which people must rely upon each other. This aspect of shared experience is on and off the ice and perhaps explains one of the main reasons for its continued popularity.