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FTLComm - Bjorkdale - July 14, 1998

Bjorkdale's Saskatchewan Wheat Pool elevator was recently renovated increasing its capacity and capability to handle large trucks and large volumes. The cost of that work was more then a $1,000,000 yet the facility now stands as a monument to some questionable progress. The elevator in Bjorkdale is closed and farmers have no choice but to transport their produce to one of the inland terminals situated around Tisdale. The rail line that links Weekes and Porcupine Plain to Bjorkdale will be abandoned in the year 2,000.

Below right is a picture of the highway that will have to handle the heavy "B" trains and other large trucks as they waltz over former swamps, muskeg and peat land. Truckers often refer to the highway as the "marshmallow highway".
The rail line was, as were most of Saskatchewan lines, beefed up during the late seventies to handle hopper cars and reduce maintenance expenses. The cost of this refurbishing was paid for with federal tax money which only broadened the smile of the share holders of Canadian Pacific and looked good on the balance sheet for Canadian National.