---Cyber Class

FTLComm - La Ronge - October 22, 2000
When I went to La Ronge's Churchill School I was given the assignment to continue the instruction with the Communications Production Technology 10 course. This course is new enough in Saskatchewan that its curriculum is in the "draft" or "pending" stage. Kevin Tonita, now working at Estevan's Junior High and Vice Principal Ted Green, no with the Department of Education developed this course and fitted out this classroom with its four iMacs, three G3 AV molars, and a group of other computers with variaous capabilities in video and electronic communicaitons capabilities.

This group of grade tens came into this course hot on the heels of the classes before them who have churned out videos and other media productions in past years and they are a very keen group. Two groups with hold premier's next week with a Rock Video and a fake movie Trailer scheduled for Thursday and a third production on Friday. Another group will turn out the school's newsletter on Wednesday and two of the class members are hard at work master web page development. One fellow has launched in the mysterious and wonderful world of animation.

This is an exciting and dynamic class and you can follow along with their progress and various activies because their class is online. Each day's class is chronicled on the class web site so you can see for your self what is happening. If all goes well you will also get to see the videos as we turn them into miniture QuickTime versions and put them on the site for you to see.

If you follow the class and its activities the class and I both would like to hear from you.