Here is an image of the morning sun washing over the endless reaches of Lac La Ronge. The rocky shoreline as we look South from the Harbour Inn.
Great scenery is sometimes right below our feet, the rocks on the shore tell their own story. This good ole catterpiller "inch" worm is making his way across the beach worrying only about Seagulls.
Above is an image of a Dehaviland Beaver, the best bush plane of all time. This one is really in nice shape.

The late forties and early fifties saw the development of the Dehaviland Single Otter. This beauty seen at upper right is a converted machine operated by Athabasca Airways. The original Pratt and Whitney radial has been replaced by a Canadian Pratt and Whitney PT6 turbo-jet. The long nose is to locate the light PT6 out far enough to balance things up.

The image on the right is of a group of Seagulls and a lone black bird which I think is a Cormorant.

The images on this page are all digitised images from a Hitachi VRS 1500A video camera, digitised with an ATI Xclaim VR card in a Motorola 3000/200 and cleaned up with Adobe Photoshop.