FTLComm - Love - February 21, 1999
The flow of traffic into this small village West of Nipawin is pretty steady in the summer as tourists drop in to be able to say that they visited this little place with the novel name. Like so many small places Love is struggling to survive and you can see the efforts the community is taking to keep their little part of the world alive. On the right is a picture of the little gift shop that is near the highway and post office. I stopped into to get a post card for a friend in South Africa but the place was closed Saturday afternoon.

There are three businesses in town besides the post office and the little gift shop. A general merchant, a hotel/tavern
and the highway gas station and bus stop. There is an outdoor skating rink and the community hall with signs of an event having taken place the night before.

One nice touch is a little school bus shelter that offers some weather protection for students who catch the bus to a neighbouring school.

The street signs in the community are all hand painted and posted about shoulder height.

It has been reported that mail comes from all over the place to be post marked "in LOVE".

The street sign below, that is hard to make out, in this picture is a warned for drivers to be cautious of children on the road. The reason for the sign is obvious as just a up the street is a community day-care centre.

I was impressed with the grove of spruce trees that graced one of Love's streets as seen on the left.