FTLComm - Tisdale - May 29, 1999
The count down toward summer holidays has begun. Though there is actually a whole month until summer holidays the tempo of things begins to slow toward the end of the year and with the end of May most of the course material has been covered for the year and it is time to review and evaluate the past year's progress.

These pictures were taken Friday afternoon as I just happened by as the elementary students were heading home for the day and the week.
What a contrast between the way they dress only a month ago and seeing them head home on this windy day in their short pants and back packs.

Its time now for track and field, baseball and visits to the swimming pool as these folks wait out the remaining days of the school year and dream of the seemingly endless days of summer vacation. As someone involved in education for nearly thirty years I know how precisious those dreams are for in many ways they will exceed the vacation itself.

I remember my own boys looking forward to summer holidays and having so many plans. . . . .