Bah! Humbug!

FTLComm - Tisdale - November 13, 1998

Now its not that I don't like Christmas, its just that I am one of those people who does his Christmas shopping on December 23 or 24th but rarely before. I want to savour the season, get into the Christmas spirit, feel genuinely neighbourly and really consider the importance of the symbolism and wonder of the time of the year and what it commemorates. Santa, Reindeer and a lot of other weird stuff just always seemed a little to commercial for me. Andrew told me that he saw a Santa in a mall in Winnipeg today so look out its definitely going to look a lot like Christmas.

In most major cities there are specialty shops that have Christmas decorations and the trappings that are associated with the season open all year round and, indeed they also play the music all year round. Thursday afternoon in the Tisdale mall I dropped into the Christmas store an extension of the Dollar Store and gratefully no "Silver Bells" or "Deck the Halls" musac was filling the air with "good cheer".

But, take a look for yourself, I spun around and recorded the store for you and you can use your mouse to visit the Christmas store. This is a QuickTime VR panorama and if you don't see it click on the word and you can download the enabler into your computer. To zoom in click on the shift key and to zoom out click on the control key.