Alfalfa Clouds

FTLComm - Tisdale/Arborfield - Monday, June 1, 1998
Dale Davis CEO of Tisdale Dehydration said that they aim for having their operation ready to run for June 1 and usually do not get going until June 7. But, in 1998 the plant West of Tisdale was making fog today. Andy Casavant, manager of
Arborfield Dehy Ltd. said they did their first batch on Tuesday, May 26 but their plant began full operations on Wednesday. Parkland Alfalfa is ready to cook and will begin full operations tomorrow, Martin Chabot discussed the start up process and said his staff was working flat out and SaskTel's Internet server was holding up the transfer of the latest software upgrade that will bring Parklandís plant up to speed as soon as it is installed in the complex and automated system used in their operation.

In talking with the three managers of these nearby plants only Andy Casavant was expressing concerns over the adverse weather which threatens production.

Canada has only twenty-seven alfalfa companies producing
products for export five are located in this part of the province at Hudson Bay, Carrot River, Arborfield,

Tisdale's plant at 5:30 PM today.

Parkland Alfalfa located mid way between Tisdale and Nipawin, and Tisdale Dehydration. A sixth small plant is located near outlook processing alfalfa produced by irrigation. These five plants produce 56% of Canadaís total export product.

Parkland Alfalfa's operation at 6:30 PM today

Had we started earlier today we would have been able to visit all five local plants as they are within easy driving distance of each other. Employing a large number of people this industry is highly efficient and extremely sensitive to environmental concerns. When this reported referred to "smoke" one manager promptly pointed out that the emission is water vapour as the field alfalfa is brought down to its 7% moisture level as it is processed. The burnt grass smell that sometime is noticable is from very low moisture content alfalfa that is scorched in the dehydration process. Tisdale Dehydration proudly proclaims that they adhere to industrial air quality standards as opposed to Agricultural standards.

Arborfield Dehy Ltd at 7:30PM today

Above and to the right you can see the complexity of these plants, these shots of the Arborfield operation.

First cut harvesting operations are in full swing East of Tisdale, South of Arborfield and in the immediate area of the Parkland plant. The heavy trucks are running almost around the clock so motorists are once again cautioned to be aware of these vehicles coming off of side roads onto the highways.