A Cold January Week

FTLComm - Tisdale - January 8, 1999
This picture was taken as the sun rose yesterday with some scattered cloud which moved off later in the morning. Temperatures in Tisdale climbed up to the the mid -20s with a modest West wind but in general it was a "normal" winter day for this time of the year. Temperatures throughout the province hovered around -30 and below this morning as a very big cold air mass engulfs the region with brilliant clear skies. However, today winds are well up there and with -29 here in Tisdale the wind chill factor makes being out and about very dangerous. The weather people are all talking about some moderation in this high with a bit of a disturbance working itself across the prairies in the next day or two but this will only affect some areas as the arctic air mass will resist much movement. But it is nice here compared with the Yukon where temperatures are down to -53 in the Mayo area.