The leaving leaves of 2003


The leaving leaves of 2003

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, October 3, 2003

After showing you the fall colours in the rural area it just seemed like a good idea to show you some colour from here in Tisdale. Even though there has been frost in Southern Saskatchewan I have been told that in Regina the trees are slow to colour up. This happened here last year when an early frost damaged the leaves and they fell from the trees without changing colour.

But 2003 has been a colourful fall as the trees reached the end of their annual growth cycle and without freezing began gradually turning from green to the various hues you see on this page.

I really like the golden glow of that tree at the top of the page and the bright red shrubs in the second picture were highlighted perhaps because of the angle of the light at the time of the photograph.

The picture above is in a back alley I spotted yesterday afternoon and with it you will notice the top of the tree is bare and the leaves lie below on the lawn. This picture (right) is remarkable because the leaves have left the tree but not far as they fell directly onto the ground below. The whole tree's leave load is resting there on this lawn and curb area.

The trees below are beside the car wash on the South of town

as they looked in the 10:30 sunlight this morning.

It was a round eleven this morningwhen I clicked this image of a red tree in a back yard about a block or two from the elementary school.

The picture below is two blocks from our house just North of the Gold Age Centre and has the whole range of colours that are seen around town. It is interesting how quickly they drop from the trees once they have lost their summer coat of green. In a few days the colour will be on the ground and only those trees who remain green will still shade the light with the evergreens.

This willow with its berrys really captured my interest this morning it is in the neighbouring yard two doors from Mrs. Fisher.

Today was a truly remarkable day with warmth, low wind and no clouds throughout the day. We have been told to expect much of the same for the rest of the weekend. Looking at various weather maps surprised me to discover that this is pretty much the condition for all of North America from Ohio to Manitoba to Mexico and West. Even the gulf area had only a few clouded areas along the Yukatan this morning and it was clear from Florida to New York. I find it odd how I seem to ignore the big picture when it comes to weather, but that's the same sky above us that we share with the rest of the planet.

Timothy W. Shire



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