Ken Magnus Advocates People First

FTLComm - Tisdale
September 11, 1999

It is the perfect setting to show liberal candidate Ken Magnus and his campaign manager at the Trojans inter squad game last Sunday afternoon. For years Ken played with the Tisdale Ramblers senior hockey team and at forty-three is still an enthusiastic player with the most flamboyant recreational team in town "The Fat Boys".

Ken's hockey experience is a part of his community service as he sees people

working together to make things better for all. Having served on town council for many years and been in private business for a long time he has seen his community grow and prosper while understanding the need for continued economic and social development. Intently proud of his community and supported by Tisdale's business and professional community he will make a good showing in the provincial election in Tisdale and those poles near Zenon Park that are part of this riding.

He told FTLComm that he was pleased with the solid support he was getting in Melfort and he is confident that he will make a good showing. The election is expected to be very close in this riding as there is a significant core supporters for the government party and the sitting member has done a good job as the MLA for this area. Ken said that he and the sitting member were friends and though they differ considerably on how to achieve the goals they see as essential for the area they both share the distaste for the methods of the government.

As he talked about the various issues in this election the one theme that seemed to come up over and over was his personal concern for the people and their way of life. He is not complimentary about the government's record on health care and he is appalled at the waste that occurs with the regional health boards especially with their undemocratic nature with some elected and some appointed board members. As a town councillor he felt that the government had repeatedly jammed in projects that were poorly thought out and tended not to be based on the real needs of the people who live in rural Saskatchewan.

With this seat expected to be decided by a handful of votes every single vote counts this time round and since there is a strong indication that the government will be reelected the voter here in this constituency has to decide who they want representing them. There choices are a voiceless government backbencher, return the incumbent, or a fresh moderate voice who will do what he has always done, work for the people of his community and constituency.