Witch Hunts

With the unsettled and difficult times associated with the depression and disruption in Europe that came with what we have come to refer to as the end of the Dark Ages there was the development of both the Renaissance and the Reformation. Wrapped up in the confusing world of the time were a lot of problems and sociologists believe today that thge society of the time suffered from a sort of public paranoia whereby someone had to be blamed. In the Twentieth Century Germany and its neighbouring countries selected the Jews as the cause of their woes. But earlier it was women.
  Fanatics of all types found it easy to find someone to blame for the unexplained and it is believed that thousands died as their neighbours, friends and family turned on them and to purge their evil spirit from the earth they were often burned.
Burning Time
This site is slow to load because of the large graphic and the little animations but it features a book on this topic. It actuall y has a huge source of material and data but the graphics slow it down, but it is worth getting to.
Recent Developments in the Study of The Great European Witch Hunt
And excellent text document by Jenny Gibbons who has an M.A. in medieval history. Her page gives facts details and explanation on this truly remarkable problem.
Greywings Witch Hunt Page
Stephanie du Barry 1994 is a British scholar and he has assembled some of his work on the topic of witch hunts. His site includes some interesting links and graphics from painters at the time.
National Geographic's Salem
This is an interactive site that let's you consider the sort of conditions that involved the trial in Salem in 1692 and is based entirely on actual records of events from the time.
Witch Hunt Bibliography
This is good material with some pictures and general explanation of things so that you can determine the direction you want to go with the research. Articles can be downloaded from this site as PDF (Post Script Files) which reprint as original documents.
Witch Hunts of Scotland
This excellent site details the beginning of the phenomena in Scotland and uses MacBeth's witches as the lead into the story. This is a good site and has an excellent bibliography.
The Witch Hunts
This is an excellent web site that involves the general knowledge necessary for understanding this topic.
The Witch Hunt as a Culture Change Phenomenon
THOMAS J. SCHOENEMAN of Lewis & Clark College has a very academic paper dealing with a fairly extensive range of issues. This is a college paper so you might find it a bit hard goina as it is basically a wall of text. The Bibliography is excellent.
Lesson Plan on Witch Hunts
This site has loads of information and suggested activities for a teacher doing a lesson on this issue as it relates to the abuse of women and awareness of this problem. The material is by the British Columbia Department of Education.