FTLComm - Tisdale - July 1, 2000
Canada Day 2000 in Tisdale is a damp day with low cloud, mist to light rain and visibility at less then six miles with the temperature actually declining from 15 to around 12 as the morning moved along. The giant thunder clouds roaming around last night moved off to the North East avoided us and it appeared as though we had dogged the bullet but between one and two this morning a gentle warm rain began and continued for well over an hour leaving things a bit muddy today.

The picture above shows a CP grain block hustling through town at around 9:30 and the Alfalfa dehydration plant is
puffing away as its trucks rumble back and forth from colleciton fields to the South today. With the high price of natural gas and the high humidity I was a bit surprised to see them cooking today as this sort of atmosphere demands significantly more heat to dry out the material to make pellets.
Meanwhile the Museum folks were getting ready for a full day of activities. Tisdale's museum is an outstanding site with excellent historical artifact display in the main building and the great vehicle display in the car portion of the museum, while the village setting with the completed houses and early buildings of eras gone by are a delight to see and appreciate the struggle we have seen and now benefit from.
A little bit of mist and gray skies will not dampen the spirits of the average Tisdalian as the street downtown is blocked off and tables set up for this morning's pancake breakfast. A good crowd of Canada Day people were on hand to taste and
smile together as they do their part in sharing the Canada Day Spirit.