FTLComm - Tisdale - September 12, 1999
Regular readers of Ensign will remember seeing this before. The hydrand was placed before the house and the owner elected to have his driveway on the side the hydrant was placed putting it pretty much in the middle of his vehicle's path. Well the town crew has raised it up so that the hydrant can now be used but alas, it is still situated in the driveway.

SaskPower has been busy this past week installing electrical service to the new subdivision at the end of NewMarket Drive. The South and West section of the subdivision is merely a continuation of the electral system serving the hospital and the housing in the area but the North East portion of the site needs a whole new power source as it includes the sewer lift station and the heavy requirements of the systems that it includes. This has meant that SaskPower has had to run a new line into this area from the North.