Inuit In Tisdale

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 7, 1999

There are times I feel like I am a mini-CNN drifting around watching what is going on. On Thursday around noon I was up town to get the mail and of course get my daily hit at Zeorbe's bakery and I spotted this young woman and her baby. Now a young woman walking around downtown Tisdale with a baby is no big deal but this young woman is wearing traditional Inuit clothing. I shot this picture and then parked the car trying to find her, then almost bumped into her as I came out of the bank but by the time I got out of the ATM she had disappeared. I walked up and down the street trying to find someone who had seen her and could help me with

details or at least some explanation but alas, it seems that me and my camera were the only ones to see this woman. If you are reading this from somewhere other then Saskatchewan you may not know that though we are a Northern country a person walking around wearing traditional arctic clothing is not common place. Other then this young woman I have only met a handful of Inuit people in my life.

As I was going door to door up the street I went into three restaurants and in one of them I came upon a lady with a traditional Cree baby board. Used with infants these highly decorated and very function baby carriers are common on several of Saskatchewan reserves but since I was looking for an Inuit lady I didn't take time to get a picture of the lady and her baby but I'll get you a picture of one of those another day.