FTLComm - Melfort - September 30, 1998

We have made a bad mistake with the page but since you have clicked on it you have to decide if you want to wait for the nearly four minutes it will take for this page to download. The reason for the long wait is the QuickTime VR panorama below. When it was being shot there was some battery problems and the second panorama was taken at a much higher resolution then is normally the case.

Melfort Mall is anchored with the Saan store on the South end and the Coop on the North. It is a spacious mall with a wide variety of merchants and well stocked retail outlets.

The first panorama (if you don't see anything below you need to download QuickTime 3.0 which will enhance your computer's handling of images) begins with you looking toward the entrance and this one is a full 360 degree image. Use your mouse to slide around. You can zoom out with the control key and zoom in with the shift key. As you go around watch for a change in your cursor. As you face down the mall toward the Coop on the left hand side the cursor changes to a white arrow. Click on this location and you will find yourself at the middle of the mall looking back toward the Saan store. This second panorama is on 270 degrees and consists of the higher quality images which allow you to zoom in much further for additional details.