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FTLComm - Melfort - September 18, 1998
Melfort continues to be a thriving commercial centre. This image looks down main street at 5:30PM Thursday afternoon and not only was there lots of traffic but the parking lots of both malls had a lot of vehicles. The positive growth in the Melfort marketplace is evident throughout the community. Thursday was farmer's market day and even at this late time in the day there were still three stalls operating with outstanding produce available.

Below is a QuickTime Panorama of downtown Melfort at 5:30PM. The large pink building is the Post Office and as you swing around and face due West you can see the fabulous combined recreation centre that houses the community swimming pool, hockey/skating rink and associated facilities. (If you can not see the image below you need to download the 6MB QuickTime 3.0 file which will greatly enhance your computer's capabilities on the Internet)