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FTLComm - Melfort - September 23, 1998
Melfort's beautiful and practical Northern Lights Palace which includes the community swimming pool and hockey arena is attractive and well designed so it seems completely appropriate that the City's administration building also have architecturally interesting design and practicality. Architects like to think of their work as designing places that contain and arrange space, light and environment. Melfort's City Hall is just that, its exterior fits into the community and has harmony with the other buildings nearby, yet is distinguished with its rich coloured exterior. Located on a corner it has parking and access from two sides giving the building an open inviting position.

But, it is in its spacious interior that the containment of light and unfettered environment presents the visitor and worker with an open and unconfined surroundings. Buildings by their nature are intended to contain space and provide shelter to the occupants, but at the same time, the architect is always striving to convey the illusion of freedom and ease of movement. The main lobby and reception area of this building is the kind of place one simple feels a smile washing over one's face as the diffuse bright lighting and huge open space of the soaring ceiling creates the illusion of a really wide open environment.