Melfort Web Sites

If you know of a Melfort site and its not listed here, e-mail us so we can add it to the list.

B & D Guiding Services
This classy one page web site is for B & D guiding services a Melfort sport hunting outfitter. The site provides contact information and the sort of hunting opportunities they company provides.
Beyond LaRonge Lodge
Located in Melfort this outfitter provides fishing trips for international sportsmen. The site includes several pictures to describe the camping and fishing area.
Broadway Elementary School -
This is web site has two outstanding pictures, one of the present school and one of the old original building. The school is online and on its contact page has e-mail access, they also have a page of great education links.
Brunswick School
Brunswick School's web site consists of a page on the school's motto, the school colours and their mascot. A second page lists the teaching staff.
Burke Elementary School
This K-6 school has 121 students and ten teachers, their web page is a single identifier page but they do have e-mail and indication that this site will be expanding.
CJVR Radio
This three page Star Phoenix created web site identifies with pictures the station staff and describes the coverage. Advertising is plugged on the site and there is a list of the week's top ten country songs.
The Clean Team
Wayne Neilsen and Gary VanCamp are professional janitors and their site advertises their work and the extent of what they can do.
Cumberland Regional Community College Home Page
This is a text based web site with details about the programmes offered by the institution. The web site is informative and useful to someone needing information about the various levels of course available but details about individual course and programmes is not part of the site.
Dataport Computer Centre Home Page
In keeping with the outstanding reputation of service Dataport's web site reflects the company's nature. Offering training, software, hardware and web services this is an all round computer company. Dataport has become a resource for support of Linux, as well as Unix and Mac support (Mac OS X mainly). The company is also in the process of becoming an Apple Solutions Provider and reseller. Recently, Dataport became partners with Sasktel to provide 1X Wireless Data Services to the North East, using devices such as the RIM Blackberry. Dataport still offers the same support services we always have when it comes to Microsoft's line of software.
Frost Creek Quarter Horses and Paints
Cindy Berg and Clif Fletcher have a fine site that illustrates with pictures and a linage diagram their horse and a section on their show dogs (Portuguese Water Dog)
George Hardware Ltd.
This is a good one, Cory George has put together a great web site for the family hardware store with separate pages for each department in the store, links to Home Hardware and a great staff page with group and individual pictures.
GP Fiberglass Ltd. --- At The Electricity Forum
GP's web site is part of the Electricity Forum but identifies the company's products and important information.
Hill, Arthur
The noted actor Arthur Hill who has been retired for some ten years did have a web site but now this Melfort native is only listed in the various roles he played see his filmography. Another list of his many roles is found on this site.
Hodgins Auctioneers Inc.
A comprehensive and responsive web site for this very busy company. Because their sales occur repeatedly with the need to identify the products week by week, the problem is solved by having the sale lists published on the site in PDF form (postscript document file, developed by Adobe and can be seen by all computer systems and printed out looking just as the original.) This permits the visitor to download a specific upcoming sale and view it off line thus saving download time of unneeded information.
Melfort, Saskatchewan
The City of Melfort's web site is an extensive one with details about the communities businesses, parks, facilities and statistics on populations. The site includes pictures of the parks and of the City Council. In every way this is an excellent web site.
Melfort tourism website
This is a smart looking site that informs potential visitors to Melfort what to look for. The pictures are small so the site loads quickly.
Melfort HRCC
In the new language of the 90s this is the web site for what has been known in the past as the ManPower Centre and before that Unemployment Insurance Office. This trend to give things new names hoping to change its function is an interesting phenomena but can be confusing. The web site is extensive and well planned with information on available jobs, labour market information, including listings of the major employers in the region with numbers of workers listed, other services such as student loans and links to education and training programs. A really outstanding site, by any other name would be as sweet.
Melfort School Division No. 100
Melfort School Division's web site is a sparse three page effort with a list of links to Melfort web sites, a list of the members of its board and office staff and a list of operational principles..
Moker & Thompson Implements
This combined Prince Albert / Melfort Case dealership lists their used equipment they have for sale on their site listed in categories.
Melody Motors
At last Melody Motors have a web site. We tried to talk them into the concept in 1996 and for many years there after but now at last they have a site and it is outstanding. Including pictures of each staff member and a means to see used vehicles in their inventory, this is an excellent car dealership site.
Montgomery Family Homepage
This is a truly remarkable web site, it has been on the web for some time and has this remarkable story in pictures of Allan Montgomery's ancestor. Though the genealogy of the site is remarkable so is the site itself with Allan experimenting with a web cam on while he is on line. Some great ideas and great web design.
MUCC stands for Melfort and Unit Comprehensive Collegiate. Obviously their web site is a very low priority as school web sites go, few have as little on them as this site. It consists of a the phone and address of the school and a page listing the year's calendar of events with no details.
MUCC ten year reunion Page
Les Wright has put together a great page that has brought the members of his 1991 class together as they plan their upcoming 10 year reunion. Four pages of pictures are great as well as the message board that updates folks on what they have been doing since 1991.
MUCC Class of '92 Reunion
Jacinda Scott has put together a site as the class of 92 plans their reunion on the long weekend in May (17 & 18), 2002.
Mustangs Home Page
The Melfort Mustangs Hockey Team home page includes information on contacts with the team, player statistics of last years roster, last year's schedule, and a message from the coach.
Nelson Graphic Design
This is an outstanding web site. Ryan Nelson is a graphic designer and artist and his web site displays both his work and potential. Providing desk top publishing, display and advertising production, web design and a whole range of capabilities this is an excellent business to compliment this part of Saskatchewan.
North East Christian Fellowship
This Melfort Church has a growing web site that keeps its congregation updated on church and community activities including the exciting journey to the Mexican Baja each spring.
North Central Health District
This web site spells out the services offered in the Melfort, Naicam and St. Brieux communities. One section the service directory is a complete catalogue of health services for the area, outstanding list.
Northern Lights Network
Established to provide public access to the Internet for Melfort this service permits free access at the Public Library, the Human Resources Centre and the City Hall. The organisation has a server that provides web space to its customers at a reasonable rate. Many of the sites on this list are found on this server. However, they have tended to run under the "" domain name.
REMAX - Keystone Realty
This web site tells as much about Re/Max as it does about Keystone. the site offers little useful information as there is no means to contact the company, no telephone number, e-mail address or even a street locations. One would assume that Keystone is a real estate agent but the site does not provide listings or information on the types of property handled.
Reynolds School
Melfort's Reynolds school has a great web site with a place for monthly newsletters, informations about the school and resources for teachers, students and parents.
Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority
It is a bit of a stretch to include this site as a Melfort web site and we do so only because we have been requested to do so by this company. SREDA is a provincial corporation intended to boost business and assist businesses developing in the region it is located. However, Saskatoon is two hours drive from Melfort, to put that in perspective consider that London Ontario would be in the Toronto region. The web site identifies the benefits of the Saskatoon area and the services it claims to offer. In real practice anyone starting a business will discover that operations of this type are organised to exploit businesses by charging them fees for their "help." On the other hand, if you are attempting to establish a business you just might find the services offered work for you, we at FTLComm simply drew a "zero".
Sommer Ranch Border Collies
Norm and Bev Sommer of Pleasantdale have a remarkable web site with pictures of their outstanding border Collies. Pictures of puppies aand information about the breed are all part of this great web site.
An interesting concept you can send someone a post card via e-mail and with it a song. The interesting thing about this site is that the designs for eight of the cards is the work of Melfort's Arnold McAulay.
TeePee Creek Contacts
A one page simple identifier web site for this outfitter with their contact information and e-mail address.
Tri-City Surveys
Short and simple Peter Wivcharuk of Tri-city Survey's lists his name, number and e-mail address.
2U Computers
Very modern web site with products and services listed with pricing. The web site's design is important to look at as this site makes effective use of Java and has a very smart look to it.