FTLComm - Bjorkdale - January 31, 1999
The undisputed lord of day is the sun but the ever present silver disk of the moon owns many nights. Through out time it is the moon that has set the clocks of our ancestors and dumbfounded anyone trying to create a descent calendar. The moon not only is available every night but it changes its appearance as it shifts about its earthly orbit offering itself in various apparent shapes.

It is fascinating that the biological clock of humans seems much more tuned to the
moon then to the overwhelming yet 93,000,000 mile away sun. A woman's month cycle is a precise twenty-eight days just as that of the moon's orbital cycle, both human and other mammals gestation times relate to the moons.

This series of pictures shows the moon rising as the sun sets Saturday afternoon. Shot from the van as we traveled East these pictures show the moon's gradual rise above the horizon and the blue gray countryside over which the moon will preside until it sets near 6:00 this morning.
The beautiful village of Bjorkdale is seen above right and to the right at about 5:48 and in the picture at right you can see a skidoo dashing across the field.

On our return trip we met twelve skidoos crossing the highway at Chelan close to eleven. The mild weather and good snow in the Bjorkdale and Greenwater park area made ideal conditions to get out and enjoy the evening.
Right near Bjorkdale we also had a chance to test the van's brakes as two moose ambled out onto the highway.