What Do You See?

FTLComm - Tisdale
October 22, 1999

So many times we ask that question and so often the answer seems so removed from the image or even the context of the image.

Most of us go through life seeing what we "want to see." The pessimists among us look at the image on the right and point out the threat of winter in the glistening frost on the field's grass. The optimists will talk glowingly of the promise of a good day with the bright sunlight and clear sky. In actual fact all things are interpretive and

subjectively perceived both the
view of the pessimist and that of the optimist are utterly and completely correct, for them.

What do you see here? Some wind clouds aloft and an immature cumulus a few thousand feet away and at 35,000 a crew of twelve and two hundred and ninety individuals rumbling along on their way home from Europe enroute to LAX. "Would you like another pillow."

As the sun set Thursday afternoon the faint ethereal water vapour high in the atmosphere captured the violet of the last of the day's sunlight and for six minutes painted the sky as the moon reclaimed its domain.