"Getting And Spending We Lay Waste Our Powers"

FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, January 10, 2002

It's Thursday morning and my habit has been to go out for breakfast this day each week. It was -8ºC when I stepped out the door a few minutes after eight and noticed immediately the strong fifteen knot breeze from the South South West. As I waddled my way across town I stopped and snapped some pictures for you as I went along.

I am certain that you will appreciate as I much as I, the clear beauty of this morning.

These images are in such striking contrast to the background in which they occur. This morning a commentator on CBC explained the changes made to Canadian immigration policies that if they were applied to the general public few if any Canadians would qualify to come to this country. The government has decided that economic criteria is all that matters.

Now since we are supposed to be, in theory, represented by our government, does that mean that we as a people are only interested in new Canadians who are not like us and will bring increased economic prospects to this country? Somehow I doubt

that this is the case. Certainly, as you look at these pictures you see some balance between economic activity and human adaptation to this environment but is that all we see, and is that all we want?

What would make a good Canadian? Perhaps a few suggestions:
1. Creative
2. Adaptable
3. Enjoys a challenge
4. Good sense of humour
5. A positive self image
6. A sense of their culture
7. Curiousity
8. A desire to learn
9. Tolerant
10. An interest in hockey

Well that's what I would like in a new Canadian because its also what I like about all

Canadians in general.

Canadians should be like they always have been, folks who care and share with one another. People who have learned that good manners and being polite make it easier for us all to get along with one another. We are a people who can laugh at ourselves and appreciate the beauty of the land we live in while accepting the differences between us and celebrating the cultures of our ancestors. We Canadians will not accept unfairness, we expect to pay our taxes and work together to look after the health and welfare of each other. We want each of us to have a chance to enjoy life while at the same time accept the responsibility that comes with being a citizen in a free land. We will not accept anyone attempting to control what we say, who we associate with and how we experience our spiritual side of life.


Timothy W. Shire