Angus Young of AC/DC long time favourite
New Generation in Music ‘98
Old Metallica in the 80's

November 7, 1998
By: Paul Kusiak

With the music industry itself, there are always guesses as to the next great band and popular trends in the business. There are usually no easy guesses however. For example no one foreseen the second coming of the punk band known as Green Day, their music thought long dead after some brief stardom. And who could have guessed that after all these years, kids are still listening to the likes of AC/DC ,Nazareth and even Foreigner

Kids that live around Tisdale are into a wide variety of music. Country bands are popular, most often with kids that live out of town for reasons unknown. Meanwhile Punk bands like Greenday and Rancid are really growing in popularity.

In fact, alternative music ( or what ever that is considered alternative) in general is what basically most people can agree on ,if anything. Bands like Blur, Third Eye Blind, and Matchbox 20 seem to be the mainstream. However, this is just the norm, or whatever can be considered the norm in the 90’s. Recently, jive music (long dead since the 1940’s) is trying to make a comeback with bands such as The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies.

Of course all this variation in music makes things extremely complicated. But the variation does give people , in a way , a identity. And with all its positives,that might be the best one of all.