FTLComm - Tisdale - July 16, 2000
With the wind howling, I was out in the FTLComm van trying to capture some pictures of the event when I spotted this man on a roof. He first waved at me and I thought that was nice of him and stopped to take a picture of him.

If you look closely in the picture on the right he is now no longer waving but pointing down.

The nieghbours are away and the wind had loosened some of the shingles on their roof. ( The picture at the bottom of the page shows a garage with its shingles flapping only a few doors away) Our good Samaritan had spotted the problem and decided to intervene and prevent damage to the roof. He grabbed some tar, his hammer and nails and crawled up a ladder and began pasting the uplifting shingles in place. With the roof saved he was ready to get down out of the wind. Well that was until he discovered that the ladder on which he had ascended had been blown over.

Many had driven by but had not realised the man's plight. It was instead a photographer that came to the rescue and only by chance did he notice the gesture toward the missing ladder,