FTLComm - Nipawin - November 4, 1998
Of the three business centres Nipawin always gives the impression of a higher tempo then either Melfort or Tisdale. The wide four lane main street with its angle parking is always active and it is usually hard to find a parking space. In the past year there have been some enormous market place changes in Nipawin with the Met closing its doors and Extra Foods stepping into that location, but at the same time the outstanding independent grocer Bottrills closed. From a casual walk down main street things seem to be about the same although I noticed fewer people from Cumberland House and Red Earth then usual shopping on Tuesday afternoon then I might have seen a year ago. Keep in mind this is just a casual observation with a ten minute sample.

The level of commerce is somewhat more diverse then Melfort and Tisdale as Nipawin not only serves the communities of Carrot River, Cumberland House, Red Earth and Shoal Lake, each with their large populations but it also has its share of agricultural business with Newfeld Seeds and several agricultural machine agents. What makes Nipawin different is the huge business the community does in tourism. This tourist trade has evolved into a year round industry with fishing, winter and summer bracketing a steady trade with hunters and campers in two parts of the year.

With the tourist industry continuing to be more an more established it is expected that Nipawin's future remains positive.