Nipawin Web Sites

If you know of a Nipawin site and its not listed here, e-mail us so we can add it to the list.

CanAmera Foods
A simple one page web site that discusses the operation and identifies the head office in Oakville Ontario. Though company operates a large canola oil seed crushing plant South of Nipawin the site does not mention Nipawin anywhere on the page.
Carrot River Pipe Band
Here is an interesting web site for the Carrot River Scot Pipe band with pictures and information on their group.
DigiCare Systems Group
Mario deSantis' accounting and technology company has an excellent web site. The site contains extensive information in the form of serious papers and studies on health care financing and accounting procedures as well as information on courses related to Internet usage.
Donovan, Bruce Home page
Bruce is the main force behind LP Miller High School's web site and his home page has a lot of excellent links.
Fran's Herbal Health
Fran Schoenfelder from Fran's Herbal Health is committed to helping people feel their best! This site is a personal connection to this herb health service. The site is informative and has a great picture of Fran.
Garry's Glass Etching / Central Powered Parachutes
Garry's sign making business takes a back seat to his passion for flying using a powered parachute. The site has some dramatic pictures and information about how to get involved in the sport.
Imke Dworog writes from Canada
An exchange student staying in Nipawin created this article on the Hawks and the role the team plays in the
The Hamilton Bee Ranch
Bill and Kathy Hamilton have an outstanding web site about their bee farm near Nipawin with pictures of the farm and themselves. The site has an interesting product Bill has developed to handle mite infections in wintering hives. Check out this great site.
The Health Hut
This is a web site for a health food store in Nipawin. The site is a good way to access the store and make contact with them by email.
Houseboat Rentals in Saskatchewan
An affiliation page for Saskatchewan Houseboat rentals of Nipawin. Sparse information and that's about it.
Klohn-Crippen - Hydroelectric Power - Nipawin Hydroelectric Development, Saskatchewan River, Canada
The is the main site for this engineering company, they once had an extensive set of dataa on Nipawin but that seems no longer to be the case.
Here is a web site for this remarkable and pleasant village near Nipawin with its fabulous name.
L. P. Miller High School Home Page
The complete student handbook is on the site with details about courses graduation and everything in between. The site contains a host of interesting information about the school with pictures of the school and school activities. One of the most interesting parts of the site are the many pages created by the students.
the Nipawin Bridge
This Calgary Alberta based web site has a lot of connections and information on the Nipawin community, its businesses and its activities including an e-mail listing. A very useful site.
The Nipawin Camera Club
A single page site originally set up for their photography convention in 1997, the site has been pretty much inactive since then.
Nipawin Computer Solutions
This is a comprehensive web site for a computer business. It details the history of the company and provides informaiton on sales and services.
Nipawin Florists
(cybermall) A nice graphic of a rose and the address and phone number.
Nipawin Journal, Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada
The paper comes out each Wednesday in the web site has a summary of the top stories. This is an excellent web site with coloured cover story and the main stories posted are there in detail. The site was redone and changed addresses first week of May 2004.
Nipawin Junior Hawks
This is a cybervillage mall site but has a lot of informtion about the team.
Nipawin Online
This is a handsome web site that has a simple and to the point news, sports and weather that is kept up to date. The site links to a business directory and tourist information.
Nipawin School Division
Nipawin S D web site covers the bases with information about the divisional staff, but more importantly also has a nice chart with e-mail addresses for each resource room in the division and for each school.
Northern Computers
Northern Computers is SaskTel's agent in Nipawin for high speed Internet, cellular service and SaskTel Mobility services. The company sells and services computer hardware and software. The web site has a handy web e-mail link to the business.
Parkside Service
This is a buisness that has a wide range of outstanding valued recreational equipment from ATVs to boats. The site not only gives you listing and features of the products but has some outstanding pictures to enhance your experience.
David Riome
Biography, catalogue and examplse of this Nipawin artist's work.
Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority
It is a bit of a stretch to include this site as a Nipawin web site and we do so only because we have been requested to do so by this company. SREDA is a provincial corporation intended to boost business and assist businesses developing in the region it is located. However, Saskatoon is almost three hours drive from Nipawin, to put that in perspective consider that Toronto Ontario would be in the Montreal region. The web site identifies the benefits of the Saskatoon area and the services it claims to offer. In real practice anyone starting a business will discover that operations of this type are organised to exploit businesses by charging them fees for their "help." On the other hand, if you are attempting to establish a business, you just might find the services offered work for you, we at FTLComm simply drew a "zero".
Scot's Landing
This site tells about a resort located along the River near Nipawin. Though the site gives the visitors details about the place and facilities the people involved are not identified.
Silver Tip Outfitting Garry or Zay Debienne
A simple identifier web site for this outfitting business with address and phone number and list of fishing and hunting packages.
Stan's Drywall
Stan's Drywall is located in Nipawin and serves the surrounding area. Services and contact information available on the site.
Wesley Swan Home Page
Wesley is a professional photographer and his webpage, by Cybermall is a dandy with information about himself but also excellent photographs. Excellent is mild the pictures are really worth going to the site to check them out.
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: Geology Site Of Wesley Swan
An affiliation page for Wesley Swan of Nipawin.
Thomas Frames in Nipawin, Saskatchewan
A home based framing business with six pages of details about the business with some pictures.
Torch River
A fabulous web site with pictures and information on a dude ranch operation North of Nipawin.
Town of Nipawin
Robert Gulewich just informed me that the Town of Nipawin site has just been updated and has a new URL This is a really extensive site with lots of modern style. Dandy of a town site.
Urban Roots Media
This is an elegant web design and services site. This is an excellent example of the modern content management type of web site and certainly shows off well the skill of the company to create a pleasant amd informative web site.
Venice House Family Restaurants - Nipawin
An affiliated web site identifying the Nipawin outlet but it also has its take out menu online.
White Fox, Saskatchewan
Located a few miles North West of Nipawin, White Fox web site has business listings, community information and more.