FTLComm - Tisdale - July 22, 1999

Northern Steel Industries has just completed the production of eleven large feul tanks for Northern airports in Ontario and Quebec. This has been a big project simply because of the size of the tanks and where they have to go.

The delivery process began Wednesday afternoon when the first four tanks left the yard bound for Northern Quebec.
When I asked the driver his destination he laughed and said that this first run was to a place in Northern Quebec, he read me the name but I was not familiar with the place name and the driver thought it would be a real adventure finding the place.

The four trucks had come out of Saskatoon to make the pickup Wednesday and were heading back into Saskatoon where they would spend the night. They are on the road this morning down the Yellowhead at restricted wideload speeds and spread out because their four trucks will be hard to pass.
The original plans were to have all eleven move out in a convoy but transportation officials objected to that. These four trucks are expected to spend the weekend in the Thunder Bay area as they will not be allowed to proceed during the weekend. They hope to reach their destination by the middle of the week.