Productivity at Northern Steel Continues To Rise

FTLComm - Tisdale - April 19, 2001
Northern Steel Industries has been producing tanks out of the West plant (Fripp building) for less than a year but it is clear to see that the production is up considerably. The West plant is churning out underground "Glassteel II" tanks at an alarming rate as the market for this product is excellent and Northern Steel has been chosen by major companies like Safeway to provide them with underground storage in their new retail outlets.

The company is also making a new and innovative heated oilfield tank that has set the standard for competition in that field.

These pictures show the production at the main plant were the environmentally friendly and total package systems for above ground sales and storage units are produced. We can see in these pictures a whole set of pickup storage tanks that have just come off the line for sale and below is a very large number of small tanks ready now for delivery. (The image below is a QuickTime VR image and to be seen you must have QuickTime loaded into your computer.)