FTLComm - Tisdale - May 29, 1999
Northern Steel continues to being one of the most productive businesses in Tisdale shipping completed products far and wide. The company is eagerly moving into new markets and has been forming alliances with companies that produce complimentary accessories and by so doing have expanded their market into new territory.

But this week it was time for the company to look after its own roof. The office portion
of their building needed some improvements and so energy was diverted from creating big tanks to the finer points of carpentry.

One of the things that so often happens with companies like Northern Steel Industries is that they grow gradually. Not even the people in the company sometimes realise that they are gradually expanding their horizon and their achievements are to the benefit of the community and a credit to the people who put their skill and ability to work in making products that are
not only successful in the marketplace but are also recognised for their quality and durability.

Ensign has no financial relationship with Northern Steel Industries so we can point to this company as a responsible member of the community with is continued support of community projects and events while at the same time providing continuing employment to a large number of solid Tisdale citizens.