I Wish I May, I Wish I Might!

FTLComm - Melville - May 10, 1999

I came upon an undeveloped film the other day and had it processed. The pictures on that film were exposed eight or nine years ago. It was looking at one's own time capsule. This sunset and moon image shows the town of Melville off to the left. On that same film were pictures of a hockey game and this interesting image taken at a family gathering.

The blurred image at the extreme left is clear on another frame of Lara who dances now at Disney World in Florida. Candace, with her mouth open, is now in junior high school and looking forward to a successful softball season. Matthew in the background is in his second year of college and Carrie, with her long flowing blonde hair is dancing as a regular with the Royal Winnipeg ballet.

We all like to chatter about making our dreams come true and we get very eloquent about people being the best they can be but sometimes those dreams come true.

This picture was taken after a dance recital in Regina when Lara and Carrie were in grade eleven. They loved to dance and devoted all their energy to being the kind of dedicated people needed to undergo such rigours. We as a family were there to support and encourage them and we see them in this picture viewing a video tape of the performance they were just in. Now nine years later both of those girls are professional dancers. One in a highly commercial venue and the other in the disciplined world of formal ballet.

So take a shot, make your wishes and they could very well come true.