This Odd House - Spires and Turrets

FTLComm - Maple Creek - February 25, 1999

Photographs often are all that remain of some things and this may be the case with this amazing structure photographed in Maple Creek in 1976. Maple Creek like all of the towns on the main line CPR was settled in 1884 and 1885 so a house like this one could easily have built only years later. So many architectural elements are seen in this dwelling from its verandah to its widows walk on the second floor. Notice the bay window on the left side and the height of the windows on the front of the second floor. Little is known about the house, as with so many things you see, one expects them to stay as they are and you can always come back and look again. In this case I was impressed with its appearance and did the picture which remained in a photo album until I noticed it a few weeks ago when looking for a picture of a car.