This Odd House - Over Grown

FTLComm - West of Melfort - March 9, 1999

This former farm house is on the North side of the highway as you head off to Saskatoon from Melfort. It is off the road a good ways so you might often drive by it noticing only a clump of trees. It would appear that this dwelling has been abandoned for a long time and it was seen in one of the local papers last week along with some others. There is really nothing that odd about this house other then the way the trees of taken over the environment. This telephoto photograph taken with lots of frost on the trees, masks the intense over growth of the area around the house, but it is almost like they (the trees) are trying to extinguish the old house's existence. In summer the foliage from the trees completely hides the house and even in winter it seems that not only is its life long gone, but even its empty shell is being shrouded amidst aggressive trees.