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World Government! Its already here.

July 20, 1998 By: Timothy W. Shire    

You don’t say its raining until the water starts to fall and you don’t feel hungry until the moment arrives, yet in both cases the process is gradual and develops until a point is reached where the reality sets in, and you are aware of the condition. This is the case with the subtle changes in our way of life and the course of human social, economic and political institutions. The changes that alter reality are not readily perceptible and the point at which we determine that something is, then all we are doing is identifying the change that has taken place. It is rare that people see things as they happen, but are able to adjust and adapt not realising the consequences of incremental alterations and their culminating affect.

We are now in the “post nation state” era. Since it is now detectable, it has already occurred. The process has been coming for more then half of this century. If you think back to your grade ten social studies, you will recall that emergence of “nationalism” then “imperialism,” well folks, we are now in the time of internationalism”. (Also:http://www.acm.usl.edu/NewsPublications/TheVermilion/96_10_18/page_02b.html
and http://www.infonet.co.jp/Aso/Win/int-news/1998/in980607.htm) The march of Hitler’s armies did more then alter German’s perception of itself, but it altered the way those who where not a part of the great Aryan race, or who did not want to identify with it, as being something entirely different. German’s cathartic expansion was not a national movement, but rather a movement to unite Europe under the control of a man and not a country, just as Stalin’s armies moved West, sweeping into their control all of Eastern Europe, not as Russian Imperialism, but as a political, multi-national movement. The world reacted after Japan jolted the American people into world awareness on the morning of December 6, 1941, by launching a United Nations force to the opposing Axis nations. Dedicated World War II movie watchers have been told through the Joseph McCarthy influenced writers, that it was “America” and “American know-how” winning the war, but theguy making the decisions and directing the movement of tens of thousands of allied forces,General Dwight David Eisenhower referred to himself and his forces as the Command of the United Nations Forces. He was seeing the world in terms of a world government in 1944.