Las Vegas - April4, 2000, Pictures by: Mike Townsend

Essentially Las Vegas is one giant adult theme park. For half a century it has been a centre for gambling and other excesses. But with the changes in North American society there has been a shift to more family oriented themes and tourist attractions. Las Vegas is a place for entertainment of all kinds from simple sight seeing to major boxing fights and a place for people to see live entertainers.

Mike Townsend describes the place this way, "while the city was a brutal assault on the senses. In a country of excess, this is the heart. But hey, you can get some fine pictures. But each to his own excess I guess."

In his pictures Mike shares with us the awesome spectacles that have been created to bring visitors out to the middle of a bleak desert.

On the right are pictures of the MGM Grand with its theme of its magnificent motion pictures. Not far away Paramont has a similar establishment with one of the world's most elaborate Star Trek exhibits in existence.

In Las Vegas you can rent almost everything including a Cobra (below right) or as in the case of Mike and his brother Bruce, a pair of Harley Davidson motorcycles for the week.
The Venice hotel is truly an amazing replica as seen below complete with canals and gondoliers.
This amazing Manhatten sky line would make you blink were it not for the cars in the foreground that give this picture some perspective. Mike took us to the replica statue of Liberty both during the day and at night to let us savour that scene.
If New York and Venice, why not Paris, with the Effel Tower and a fountain or two.

Mike's pictures take us down a street and to a Spanish galeon

In a sun drenched city fountains are an amazing gift to all who see and pass them. So it is that designers and planners have made fountains a main feature of almost every site in the city.
The Polo is were Mike and Bruce spent their week in town.
This is a rare picture, Mike snapped the lights of the city and has captured a blimp above.
These night street scenes really are loaded with information and a credit to the Kodak digital camera used to create these images.

Here is a sequence of images showing the water show of this night lit fountain.

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