Messages from France, sixty years after "D" Day

Mondeville, France - Thursday, July 1, 2004 by : Bernard de Maussion

Following my E mall of the 21 of this month, you will herewith find the newspaper cuttings of the regional newspaper A OUEST-FRANCE)) (regional I"daily of France) which report from the 9 to June 15 the majority of the ceremonies in homage to Canadian.

In particular, there is that of the cemetery of CINTHEAUX with the presence of Mrs Adrienne CLARKSON, governor general of CANADA.

I have just visited recently the museum Canadian A Centre JUNO BEACH, which opened the last year has COURSEULLES ON SEA (or General IE of GAULLE has debarque return of hgleterre). Have included museum brochure.
(you can download the brochure for printing click here for the inside and here for the outside)

To thank you for your syrnpathic intervention, I address a postcard (above) to you on the day with Istamps commemorative 1944-2004.

For information. the village of ST CONTEST BURON is has approximately 2 km in the North-West of CAEN.

THERE is a recent association called flowers of the memory which gathers flowers for the tombs of the soldiers in Americains cemeteries of COLLEVILLE ON SEA (Apple-brandy) and ST JAMES (Handle) and it is from this example that I developed my interest towards our Canadian cousins

My favourite part is the gate at CINTHEAUX of a score of kilometres in the south of CAEN, in direction (and edge precisely) on the road to Falaise. I was impressed with the tomb stone of Philip HARPER. He was twenty-eight and close to my age of thirty-one. This war established a connection with the Canadian nation. Your valorous soldiers, iiberators of the Caen-native plain, have left their mark on our memory for always. My gesture is quite modest compared to their sacrifices. Thanks to your intervention, you have contributed extending and increasing this testimony which is so important to me.

Your help has really been appreciated.

back of the postcard

Editor's note: Using the tools available and my Corn Flakes box French I have attempted to provide you with a very rough translation of the material send to me these eleven priceless clippings. So you might understand the process I used the clippings were all scanned then using Adobe Photoshop they were converted to PDFs then they were loaded into Adobe Acrobat and processed in OCR (optical character reader). The text was then removed and placed in Apple's Sherlock, the errors and special characters fixed then translated. I then took the translation and tried to make it readable. Many common words used in these newspaper articles are not found in online French to English dictionaries so, indeed there are errors but I thought the material so important that errors or not you needed to see this stuff.
Inscription to remember Canadians

June 7, 1944, Bretteville was liberated by the Canadians of the Regina
. The commemoration of this event took place monday with a service. Nearly a hundred people attended the
blessing by the priest of the Parish Saint-Marc-en-Plaine Loic Cavellec. He spoke with some emotion of the sacrifice of these valorous and young soldiers from so far away, who came to fight for liberty of France and defend the liberty of mankind. After the placing of wreathes in homrnage to the Canadian soldiers, by the children of the school, the Canadian and French anthems were played and sung by the people who attended the ceremony.

The story inscribed of the Canadian Regina Rifle’s Monday June 7 of the liberation of the community.

Canada’s Governor General presides at the ceremony at the Cintheaux cemetery

Adrienne Clarkson, Canada’s head of state, gave hommage to veterans Tuesday morning at the military cemetery of Cintheaux

Paying their respects were sixty Canadian veterans, Tuesday morning at the Canadian military cemetery of Cintheaux, between Caen and Falaise, where 2,959 of their comrades died in combat during the Battle of Normandy. The Governor General of Canada. Adrienne Clarkson, was underlining the memory of blood lost in the battle for Falaise.

Michel Le Baron, the mayor of Cintheaux, reflrected: “You were all volunters, many of you very young, like Gerard Dore, fifteen years nine months, which rests here. Dear veterans, the many children admire you. though you grow old, they are beautiful, the veteran Canadlans.”

Four-hundred twenty-two veteran Americans joined in this memorial ceremony. Before leaving the cemetery, Adrienne Clarkson went through the rows to shake hands with the veterans and sign in gold.
400 guests at street dinner are the idols of the French

The three teachers of the nursery school of Bernières had made realize with their schoolboys of the sets of table, which were offered to the veterans, with other creations of association Visual arts.

A great dinner of street was organized Sunday evening, for the idols of the French by the municipality. More than 400 guests, of which the half of Bernierais, were present. All were found around the tables, decorated for the occasion by association with the Visual arts. The meals, composed of kir, cold meats with chips and apple tarts were prepared by the Brewery of the Range, and were looked after by many elected officials and who voluntered.

Great exchanges of gifts proceeded throughout the evening. The Canadians offered flags, pins and splendid works on Canada and its history. They received, the badge of chest by rnaire, Maryvonne Mottin. But also of the objects of decoration of the Visual arts and the sand bottles of Bernieres.

As for Catherine Ehrismann, director of the day care centre, accompanied by her daughter and two schoolgirls to give to each veteran a set of table placemats realise by the children of the nursery school, collaboration with their three teachers. A large emotion was released from these exchanges, bring back memories and anecdotes of Canadians.
Ashes of a Canadian to the monument

The veterans collected themselves in front of the Canadian monument of Buron, Monday morning.

A moving ceremony was held Monday morning, place of Canadians, at Buron. Ten Canadian veterans were collected in front of the monument of the memory.

The members of the Friends of Canada have accuellll Monday morning ten Canadian veterans of Highland Light Infantry. They found place of Canadlens, la Buron, to honour the heroes.

The ceremony began with the moving reading of the names by the Canadian soldiers died for the release by Buron, in July 1944. After the laying of wreathes and the Canadian and French anthems, two young Canadians advanced towards the monument. They deposited a small black urn, containing ashes of the reverend lieutenant-colonel John McMorran Anderson (1913-2004). These young people are two of its granddaughters.

"He loved the Highland light Infantry regiment and' occupied of the rescue station. July 9, 1944 at end of the battle of Saint Contest, it had the painful task to identify all the dead Canadians", tells Dorntnique Barbe, impassioned historian of the Canadian army.

The chaplain returned regularly to Buron and had remained attached to this piece of France. The two young girls explained with a great emotion. “Our grandfather always wished that after its death, his ashes rest here, at Buron. It is now done.” His ashes will be entenees in front of the monument. Saint-Contestois present were particularly touched.

Praise postcards the assoclation of the Friends of Canada organizes a sale of postcards of Saint-Contest, sale of the day, Sunday June 13, of 9 a.m. a 18 H, a the church hall (place of the Town hall).
Homage of the population to the Canadian veterans

Monday afternoon, Colombellois had an appointment at the foot of the war memorial located in the meadows of the eole Henri-Saddler. It was a question of paying homage to the Quebecois veterans of the regiment of Chaudiere who released Colombelles in June 1944.

A group of combatants of the first hour members of that Canadian unit were present.

The ceremony took place in the presence of a deligation of the French regiment Spahis de Valence based on Plate.

Traditionally, after laying of wreathes, Hake Sweat, the mayor, and his assistant Marc Pottier gave the medal of the City to the Canadian veterans.

At the time of the handing-over of the medal of the City to the Quebecqois veterans, regiment of Chaudière.
One day homage to the Canadian liberators

For this sixtieth birthday of the Release, the community had put the small dishes in the large ones. Helped by many volunteers, and equipped with a very important logistics, greeting the five Canadian regiments went very well.

For several months, the community has worked toward greeting five Canadian regiments in order to pay to them homage for this sixtieth birthday. Once again, the fabulous team of volunteers have achieved miracles. As regards the more practical questions, it was necessary to decorate the room omnlsports for the evening meal, this event came so close to the evening of the Mother's Day. It was necessary to combine preparations for both events.

Naturally, things went very well. At 5:30, under a blazing sun, the ceremony could begin in the presence of Mister the sub-prefect, of the 18e rt and of Jacques Nourry. chair Julo group. Daniel Morin, mayor of common. During his speech of welcome he gave recognition of all with respect to all these men who died to release the community. Then, it was the turn for Jacques Nourry to make a very moving speech in remembering the victims this war. This bilingual ceremony, was the occasion to uncover the inscription honouring the canadlens liberateurs. They gave one medal to the 25 very moved veterans. Then, there was the realease of a huge number of balloons by the children of nursery school, provided with messages of peace that closed the ceremony.

A delegation of the elderly combatants, accompanied by three Canadians placed two wreathes on the other markers in the community. The Canadians were very moved by this gesture.

Then, for our Canadian friends there were some superb photographs read stories in English and French. Glass of the friendship was passed out before awaiting dinner. The children were excited at the display of twenty-five military vehicles. The children had genuine empathy with the Canadian veterans who were very moved by the youth paying homage to them. The allies had brought small plastic mementoes which they handed out.

The official reception a soiree, was held in an excellent environment. The outstanding orchestrated of Didier Taffle played songs of time, but also of the pieces well from on our country like the "cancan".

The Canadlens did not hesitate to sing along, and play of the music of their country. The evening ended with fireworks.

Twenty-five Canadian veterans received a medal offered by the commune in thanks of their courage and their bravery at the time of the liberation.
Thirty-eight Canadian chorus-singers in concert

The Cadeton choral society made up of thirty-eight chorus-singers and a pianist.

Tuesday evening. At spaces Intercommunal of Coisel presented the Chorus of Carleton University from Ottawa - Ontario - Canada in the tallies of Internationales the university meetings of choir singing organized by regional choral universltaire of Caen.

In front of a room and charmed by the quality of this performance, the 38 Canadian chorus-singers and Katarina Jovic, the pianist, gave a one hour programme, under the direction of Lisette Canton, a spectacle of very high level accompanied by constant applause.

Inscriptions in the 6 * inscriptions for I' entered into 6 with the Guy-of-Maupassant college will take place according to the following calendar: Saturday June 12, of 8 a.m. 45 a 11. 30, inscriptions and greeting by 1' equlpe of direction; Monday June 14 and Tuesday 15, of 1 p.m. 30 a 16. 30 inscriptions only; Wednesday June 16, of 8 a.m. 15 a 11. 45. inscriptions only.
A street for Queen's own Rifle of Canada

In front of the street named for Queen's Own Rifle-of-Canada.

Saturday morning, many inhabitant came for a ceremony to recognise the Canadian regiment, Queen's own Rifle of Canada, Iiberator of the community.

The ceremonies of Romance of the 60th anniversary continue Saturday, in the presence of veterans of Queen's own Rifle of Canada, the municipality inaugurated a street which bears from now on, the name of this regiment

Alain Yaouanc, the mayor, renewed the thanks of the popuiation towards those which came to release the community, then the country.

In the presence of personalities, it was a veteran who cut the tricolour ribbon, thus baptizing a new place carrying one of the names of the Canadian regiments having taken part in the release of the community.
Disappeared from Queen's Own Riffles of Canada: Mr. The Veteran sings by Elodie

The veterans if Queens Own Rifles of Canada

In front of the newly set up cenotaph close to Eeglise, in the presence of personalities, The mayor Roger Alexandre received the veterans of Queen's Own Rifles of Canada in recognition of their deeds. These former soldiers fought on the territory of Mesnil-Patry at the time of the release of the community June 11, 1944. 125 were killed in a few hours at the time of the release of the community. Last week we received a number of men of Queen's Own Rifles and of First Hussards, Roger Alexandre underlined. It is in their memory that the new cenotaph was inaugurated. They will not age like us as they sacrificed their lives. Each one of us have the right to live released of the yoke of a dictatorship, Brigitte Brethon, deputy placed wreathes on the monument as well as flowers by the children. Mr. The veteran was then interpreted by Elodte. A testimony of recognition by young people.
Unveiling of plaque for the Canadian tank memorial

revealing of the plaques of the Bold tank.

A large group of people assisted Monday revealing, the Canadian tank memorial, of the plaques of the Chaudiere regiment and of the Royal Support Corp.

Monday, the 18th regiment of transmission which Captain Giner accompanied, was reviewed by Colonel Hus with, Remy Simon and Maurice Perraton, former president of ex-serviceman. Then two plates were unveiled with the Bold tank. Veterans of the reglments, all ex-serviceman of D-Day: John KIrkpatrick (Royal Body intendance); Lorenz Tremblay and Romuald Douellet (Regiment of Chaudiere) took part at this ceremony witnessed by a hundred people. There was a reception at the town hall, Remy Simon, has said: “We are proud to honour you in recognition of your action taken throughout these years of war. The regiment of Chaudiere is a name emblematic of Bernieres.” Supply officer with the Royal Body Intendance, the mayor recalled that the accesses of Courseulles was a nerve centre for your operations while you were in the neighbourhoods with deposits of weapons and ammunition apres coming ashore. Maurice Perraton, the French deligate of the Canadian tank memorial, cordially was thanked by the president of the regiment of Chaudiere Jean-Yves Larochelle and the chief of the deligation of the Royal Body intendance of Canada. A flag of the town of Courseulles, was presented to each regiment.

Giberville accomodates Canadians

the Canadian delegation taken along by Brian Budden (at left), in front of the war memorial of the commune

Giberville accomodated, Wednesday, the last of its liberators of 1944.

In this year of commemoration of the 60th birthday of the arrival of the allies on the continent, the veterans of the 8th brigade of the Queens Own Rifles of Canada, released Giberville on July 18, 1944. Beginning at 1 19 H a the town hall for the departure of a marching brass band of ex-serviceman and Canadian the delegation accompanied by the people of Giberville. They arrived fifteen minutes later in front of the plaque of the street Harry-Hawkins, the mayor, Jean-Francois Romy addressed the gathering and those people at their windows in the street. “Harry Henry Hawkins, a thirty-nine year old father liberated our city.” There was a minute of silence before the national anthems of France and Canada were played.

The Canadian delegation then delivered in ithe street, each veteran handed out a plasticized document in the memory of
Harry Henry Hawkins and brigade of the release.

The gathering then returned towards the town hall, to the war memorial of the community, where the mayor again addressed the population while reconsidering more precisely the conditions of the release of Giberville: After having moved to the centre, the ninth section tried a push toward the station but was stopped by a violent German offensive. Their only solution was an artillery response. At this point in time Hawkins decided to remain on the spot to cover the retreat of his comrades. He died fighting out of ammunition.” the mayor was grateful for peace and the Franco-Canadian friendship before inviting everyone present a to drink at the community village hall.

Bernard de Maussion


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