FTLComm - Tisdale - July 2, 2000  
Each morning I like to have a picture on the front page of Ensign that tells in some way what it is like in Tisdale that particular day. For the past month our pictures have looked a little cloudy because I am using video images which give us telephoto images but blurry ones. Only two more days and the new replacement digital camera should be here and able to handle the responsiblity of getting you better pictures.

This morning we have some pictures of two houses sitting side by side and their front yards decorated by these outstanding flouncy and orafry tantilising begonias. The
begonia is essential a herbal plant from the tropics but it is grown everywhere because of its wonderful blooms.

These two houses are one a couple of so many throughout the town that have at least one of these showboat plants in their front yard. The blooms on ours are just about to emerge and even now their weight pulls down the plant. This second home owner has put in stakes around each plant to keep them standing up, which seems like a good idea.

The blooms from these perennials last quite a while and during their time fill the air with their aroma. A great time of the year.