Black's Petunias

FTLComm - Tisdale - Sunday, July 28, 2002

Good taste, a simple but integrated design, a mix of colour the blends with the setting and the whole tone you want to achieve in your yard. All of those elements are found in this impressive yard on Tisdale's Newmarket Drive.

The sidewalk border seems the main theme that gives the yard definition and yet also sets that tone of conservative elegance that we often strive for in a good looking arrangement. These folks have complimented the good looks of their house with a spiffy lawn and just the right amount of flowers.

The island planter on the undivided lawn from their neighbours compliments both yards and continues the theme seen on the sidewalk border.

The little puffy gardeners seem a local favourite for lawn decoration and are pretty much in the same category as pink flamingoes but here they are tastefully used and they blend in nice with the colours in the flower beds.

Perhaps one of the most impressive parts of this yard design is the mailbox arrangement which is even more attractive on the inside looking out as it is on the outside looking in. Great looking yard.

Timothy W. Shire