Neighbourhood Surrounds Children's Park

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 21, 1999
What caught my eye about this house was the lilacs in the back yard and then I realised I wasn't seeing the whole scene because I was looking for blooms. This house and its excellent setting is in the corner of a very short street that has the Lion's children's park across the street. The park with its playground equipment, basketball courts and paddling pool is a beehive of activity during the summer holidays and a place of refuge for parent through out the year.

With the trees just starting to leaf out the view of the area must make the planner who laid out this street sign as this is just how it must have been suppose to look. The panorama scene below requires that you have QuickTime installed in your computer (QuickTime 4.0 is now available with its streaming video capability and is free to download) For best viewing use your "control key" and that will allow you to zoom out and see the scene from a distance, to go in for details use the "shift key". The resolution on this image is quite low so you really can't get much out of zooming in.