Best Garden In Tisdale This Year

FTLComm - Tisdale - Monday, July 15, 2002

This is not a good year in Tisdale for gardens. The drought has been devastating to the point that weed growth is even curtailed. But
despite the poor growing conditions a few gardens have struggled along and though hardly comparable to other years there are some that will actually produce some vegitables. Ours is not one of them with our lettuce about two inches tall and I removed what may have been radishes.

This garden has been featured in Ensign in the past because it is one of the best in town and once again this year it is still better than others.

The peas are having a tough time filling but the tomatoes are in bloom and the potatoes look to have some promise.

This QuickTime VR lets you take a look at the garden a little closer, to see this picture you must have
QuickTime in your computer as Microsoft's media player can not show a Quicktime.