Pot Gardening - NO! - Gardening In Pots

FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Though we saw the development of elaborate planters and flower garden areas in yards last year and this we have also seen a creative trend toward the use of pots and containers. People not only plant flowers and decorative plants in pots they also plant tomatoes and other vegitables in their own containers.

I referred to this as "pot gardening" then with the news that the growing of marijuana in British Columbia now exceeds the revenue from Lumber and mining operations I have to revise that to "Gardening in pots."

I have shown you only two examples in this set of

pictures but could have taken literally hundreds of them as almost every yard has some containers with plants or flowers of some kind.

It is interesting to see folks using all sorts of things from barrels to children's wagons as planters. The yard pictured here and below has almost all of its plants in pots but this house is also completely treed in and also contains dozens of bird houses tucked in the trees and along its fences.

Having never had a go a planting and producing blooming plants in pots it looks very much like a mystery to me and I notice that these growers spend a lot of time with a water can in their hands dribbling about the various containers in their yards.

The over all affect of the gardening in pots is to create an atmosphere that allows flexibility, plants can be moved around, easily altered if damaged or doing poorly and perhaps most important of all they handle the seasons much better.
The picture below was taken yesterday at the Provincial building, the Rural Service Centre which has a very elaborate level of shrubs surrounding the whole building and this outstanding arrangement by the South corner beside the Co-op parking lot. You can certainly seee the difference between using a planter arrangement like this and the much more flexible potted plant system in the pictures above.