---Friday, and there is hope
FTLComm - Tisdale - July 7, 2000

Shower upon shower have drenched us for so many days and last night it seemed for a while we were positioned somewhere under a waterfall. But after a few more through the darkness, Friday has emerged from that brief period that passes for night, at this time of the year and with only clouds on the South quadrant, things are looking up.

Prairie people are enormous optimists, they really and truly have to be. Our lives and the tempo of what we experience around us tells us time after time that we'll make it through this and there will be better times. It matters not if you are in the computer business or a farmer, a hockey player, or a profit, hope is what takes us
forward away from despair and toward new adventures.  

The essence of this dripping morning, dew piled upon raindrops and golden sunshine poking and prying its way into conscious awareness for willow leaves, a peony, or a row of lettuce, and definitely, the mind of he who holds the camera that points toward life. For at this time of the day, even the mosquito as she hovers to harvest hemoglobin seems to do so with a subdued aggression in the silence of a new day.

These pictures were taken at 5:30 today. The one at the top of the page is a three picture composite. The one at the bottom shows the only vestiges of the sky buckets.

Time for a road trip, will be in Saskatoon today and for the weekend.