Preemptive Leaf Gathering

FTLComm - Tisdale
October 9, 1999

There have been occasions when I have poked a little fun at the fall practice of gathering the fallen leaves off of lawns. I have always figured that they will do just fine where they are with out human intervention.

Yesterday I spotted a neighbour in her front yard and to my delight she had taken the leaf gathering process to another level. The leaves on this little bush were persistent and had turned colour but were clinging to

the twigs. She got her bucket and was picking off the leaves so that if and when they did fall to the ground she would not have to reach down and pick them up.

As we talked about the way the trees changed colour this year she explained that she was annoyed with this little bush and wanted to trim it back even smaller next spring. And, yes, before I left her I reached up and removed the last leaves from the top centre of the tree for her.