If I asked you what that flower was, you would say a tigerlily.

and if I asked you what this flower was you would also tell me

"It's a Tigerlily you retard, we've established that already"

maybe not in those exact words, but it would be along those lines.
but what if I told you that those answers were only half right.

You see wild ones are illegal to pick,
so we came up with a theory called "A Tame Tigerlily"
to make ease of our conscience while frolicking through a meadow and picking these flowers.

So if these flowers really are tame
that makes me feel alot better
because a tiger is vicious, so a tigerlily must also be ferocios.

OK, now all jokes aside,
how do I go about taming a plant
because I am sick of getting attacked by poison ivy,
or is the ivy's animal instinct to strong to tame.

No I would like to read an e-mail on how to tame a wild flower,
and why tame flowers.

Please hurry with the e-mail
because I am going to start my flowers
on paper training tomorrow.


Todd Wakefield
flower trainer

The taming of the Tigerlily, by Todd Wakefield
June 19, 2001