Anne McIntosh

Parkland Photography Club March 2004

Greenwater Provincial Park - Thursday, March 25, 2004 - by: Gerald Crawford

March 23rd, 2004: The March meeting of Parkland Photography Club was, as usual, a busy one. Sixteen members participated.

There were twelve entries in the Theme Shoot. Theme was “
A Canadian Native” (a person, animal or plant) and Anne McIntosh took first with her photo of a yellow lady slipper. Runners-up were Doreen Crawford’s photo of a head of three prairie lilies, Alan Caithcart’s close-up of a pine grosbeak, Jerry Crawford’s photo of a man in trapper’s garb by an old cabin, and Darlene McCullough’s of some Indian dance regalia hung in a tree. There was some discussion about what constitutes a “native”, the consensus being that if it is born in Canada, it is a Canadian Native.

Doreen Crawford

Our Club’s entries into the Transparency Battle were projected and judged by the same process as used for our theme photos. Each Club can enter up to eight slides, with no more than two from any one member. There were fifteen entered, so seven had to be weeded out. The Transparency Battle takes place on April 25th, at Rosetown. If anyone would like to attend, or wants more information, contact Darlene.

Alie Neish reported that she and Glen had shown the club slide show at Churchview Lodge in Naicam, with very good response.

Alan Caithcart

Wes Swan is working on a club website; eventually there will be a link to a page for each member who wants one, and that member’s photos can be uploaded. There will be links to other camera clubs, as well as a history of our Club. Theme Shoot winners will be featured, and those on high-speed Internet can download a slide show of past years’ winners. The site is presently under construction; progress can be viewed at Wes would like feedback from viewers.

Wes also advised us of a seminar being put on by the Nipawin Camera Club on digital photography. It takes place Saturday, March 27th.
Contact Wes for details.

There were twenty-eight of our slides from previous Transparence Battles and PRPA slide competitions returned, with marks. The judges had not included any remarks so Stan Hingston of Rosetown added his. We projected these and commented on them, but did not judge them.

There were seven entries into our Club’s Portrait Competition, and Jerry Crawford was asked to comment on each and select three winners. Jenny Fritshaw’s beautiful window-light portrait of a young girl won first; runners-up were Darlene McCullough’s group of two adults and two children, Mary Wright’s close up portrait of her mother, and Harry Bourne’s portrait of a man in a straw hat, with a grass stalk in his mouth. Members of PRPA can enter their portraits in PRPA’s portrait competition.

At our April meeting, we will have all entries to the PRPA Portrait Competition to judge, including our own. There could be anywhere from fifteen to forty entries, so we are not programming any extra activities for that meeting. Portraits are harder to judge as they cannot be projected.

Four members had brought four Christmas photos each, and these were projected and discussed.

Thanks to Jenny for a great lunch!

Remember: The April meeting will be held on the 20th
instead of the 27th, due to a previous booking of the
------------------------------------------------------Darlene McCullough
hall. Theme will be A Freak of Nature.

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