coyote in the spruce tree taken by Jenny Fritshaw
Parkland Photography Club
February 2010

Tisdale, Wednesday, February 24, 2010 by: Darlene McCullough
  President Anne McIntosh 752-4042
  Vice President Neil Anderson 873-2356
  Sec./Treasurer Darlene McCullough 873-2030

February 23, 2010

Parkland Photo Club
met in the Doghide Gallery on Tuesday, February 23 with twelve members present and President Anne McIntosh chairing the meeting.

Secretary-Treasurer Darlene McCullough reported that since there were no members still on dial-up Internet service the resolution for photos used in the newsletter would be increased. This makes a larger file but it can be handled by high-speed service. Ivy Wilson of the Tisdale Recorder has requested that the members email her some images taken in North East Saskatchewan that she can use in the banner of the Review.

Anne McIntosh reported that she had made presentations of the club photo show in Melfort at Diefenbaker Place, Caskey, and Assisted Living. Glenn Galloway had assisted at two of these.

Lina Brisco, a photographer from Zenon Park, has agreed to show some of her work at the April club meeting. Since we have a presenter for the April meeting, the project of shooting ten photos from a two meter square in 24 hours will be extended to the May meeting.

The club will invite Timothy Shire to attend our March meeting when he can give us some tips on what he expects when photos are submitted for web sites. It is hoped that each member can have a page on the club web site where examples of his/her work can be viewed.

Jenny Fritshaw shared some interesting photos that she had taken of a coyote in a spruce tree which is near her front window. It seems the coyote had stored some crabapples there and had now returned for a feed of these. This was the second time that Jenny had seen him do this.

Neil Anderson and Lia Boxall told the members about a Canon digital camera that they had found very useful on their recent trip to Mexico. It uses a SD card, is waterproof to 35 meters, and is sand proof. It is very convenient and user friendly. The price is about $400.

Since the "lines" theme shoot judging scheduled for the January meeting had been left until this meeting, the judging of this theme was done first. There were six entries with first going to BJ Madson, and a tie for second place between Albert Orban and Alan Caithcart. The February theme shoot was " take a mundane subject and make it interesting". First went to Lia Boxall, second to Jillian Anderson and third to Hannah Anderson.

Thanks to Alan Caithcart for supplying the lunch for this meeting.

Darlene McCullough

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