Parkland Photography Club
April 2010

Tisdale, Wednesday, April 28, 2010 by: Darlene McCullough
  President Anne McIntosh 752-4042
  Vice President Neil Anderson 873-2356
  Sec./Treasurer Darlene McCullough 873-2030

The Parkland Photography Club held their April meeting on Tuesday, April 27 at 7 PM in the Doghide Gallery in Tisdale. There were thirteen members present and the meeting was chaired by President Anne McIntosh.

Lia Boxall shared her completed project of taking photos within a two meter square area within twenty-four hours. Her photos were of items on a beach area at Tofino. BJ Madsen stayed close to home to shoot his photos which were taken through the dining room window and showed the deer who had come into his yard to feed. Other members will present their completed projects at the May meeting.

There were ten entries in the theme shoot for this month which was " a close up of part of a subject". Following the judging of these by the club members First Place went to Neil Anderson for his photo of a Skunk Cabbage; Second Place to BJ Madsen for his photo of his granddaughter's eye; and Third Place to Darlene McCullough for her photo of part of a gladiola flower.

The next item on the agenda was filling the positions on the executive for next year. Present Vice-President Neil Anderson will move to President and BJ Madsen will assume the position of Vice-President. Darlene McCullough will continue as Secretary-Treasurer and Newsletter Editor. Anne McIntosh will continue as Competitions Chair.

Unfortunately, our planned guest presenter Lina Brisco became ill the day of our meeting and was unable to attend this meeting. Last month Timothy Shire was to be our guest presenter and he also had become ill and was unable to attend that meeting. A quick phone call to Timothy Shire solved the problem as he agreed to attend this meeting. We will invite Lina to attend a meeting in the fall.

Timothy Shire maintains his news site North Central Internet News and is also the web master for Parkland Photography Club web site so he sees all our news reports and the photos on them. Timothy began his presentation by telling us that we do great work which is always nice to hear. He feels that we are always striving to do better and our theme shoots encourage that as we have a definite project to shoot.

Timothy does not use a SLR camera as he believes that most people who visit his web site have entry level cameras and he wants them to be able to relate to his work. In his photos he always tries to tell a story that causes the viewer to ask questions that lead them further into the photo. He passed around some copies of the photos of the day that he posts at the bottom of his web site each day so we could see what he meant by this. He believes that composition is the most important aspect in a photo and because of this "point and shoot cameras' are misnamed; they are actually "compose and then press the shutter cameras".

During a question period we discussed the issue of taking photos of people in a public place and when model release forms are required. He pointed out that landscape photos are preferred for Internet display as portrait ones leave a margin along the sides. He is planning to reorganize our web site and have an area where each of our club members will have a display of his/her photos. In preparation of this each member was asked to select six to ten photos and send these to Tim. A final reminder was to make certain that our cameras are correctly set to day and time as sometimes when batteries are changed this disrupts the day/time feature of the camera.

Thanks to Mary Wright for providing the lunch for this meeting.

The next meeting will be a planned photo shoot to Jones Wildlife Sanctuary on Tuesday, May 25. In case of adverse weather a regular meeting will be held at the Doghide Gallery. Each member was asked to hand in three suggestions for theme shoots for next year and these will be voted on at the May meeting.

Lia Boxall's two meter square in 24 hours taken at Tofino
BJ Madsen's two meter square in 24 hours from his front window
Darlene McCullough

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